Super resolution microscopy techniques allows light microscopes to image details at extreme resolutions. However, as the resolution get better - the imaged area/volume gets smaller. For single-molecule localization microscopy this typically results in a FOV of around 50 um x 50 um. Chip NanoImaging (CNI) is introducing chip-based TIRF illumination, harnessing the powers of photonic integrated circuits. Using CNI technolgy, the illumination is decoupled from the microscope, which allows ultra-large FOV TIRF imaging. The resolution of the image depend on the imaging method used - from diffraction limted to super-resolution, all with 100 x larger field of view than current state-of-the-art.

The power of nanoscopy

Most super-resolution techniques today are based on fluorescence microscopy. Super-resolution microscopy is a relatively new technology that makes it possible to see small details that are impossible to see with traditional optical microscopy. Our contribution to nanoscopy is the introduction of a novel chip concept comprising a waveguide that allows for better illumination of a much larger area compared to existing technology.

Chip NanoImaging super-resolution microscopy demonstrated on a liver cell stained for F-actin.

Chip NanoImaging super-resolution microscopy demonstrated on a liver cell stained for F-actin.

Photonic chip to illuminate the sample

Chip-based microscopy uses photonic integrated circuits as means to illuminate the sample. This means that the illumination can be tailored for the application, e.g. illuminating large areas using wide wavegduies or illuminating pre-determined areas using waveguide branches.

Chip NanoImaging Laser Light coupled into waveguide on the nanochip.

High-resolution  large content nanoimaging

Chip NanoImaging waveguide technology allows wide field of view illumiation. The illuminated region is confined by the waveguide and can be made almost arbritrarly wide. The user is free to choose any magnification/NA objective lens for imaging. Crisp  images with or without super-resolution.








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